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Why we do it

"Our heroes will all be gone soon, we're here to make sure their stories and history never fade by ensuring the public is educated on their service to this nation in the most authentic way possible." 

    - 1st. LT.  Mace

"To have a better understanding on what those before us went through. Also to be able to carry on the memories of those who gave so much, for so little." 

    - Pvt. Gaca

“During WWII ordinary men were called upon to do extraordinary things and we make their history jump out of the books by providing a tangible, authentic experience to all those who come see us in action.” 

    - Pvt.   McCullough

"I do living history to preserve and share the memories of the veterans who served in our most violent conflict. Soon they will be gone and our responsibility to them will be even greater." 

    - Pvt.  Lopez

"As veterans from World War Two pass, their memories and detailed history of the war are lost.  My goal is to bring to life their stories with the highest degree of authenticity and teaching the public about the sacrifice our veterans made for our freedom." 

    - Pvt. Hiser

"Living history is a way to connect with our American heritage.  Educating the public is our way of bringing the past back to the present." 

    - Sgt.    Crosoli

"I love history and this gives me a chance to participate in it.." 

    - Pvt. Dixon

"I've always loved history: what people did, how they did it and why they did it that way. Living history is an opportunity to get (in a small way) that experience" 

    - John Borland

"I see living history as an opportunity to honor the sacrifices of the WW2 generation by preserving and  presenting an accurate representation of their life to current and future generations. The pursuit also keeps me grounded in the knowledge of how much I owe - how much we all owe - to those who went before." 

    - Wade Gish

"Interacting with the public and letting them put a helmet on and feel the weight of a rifle I think gives them a better appreciation for what the Greatest Generation did. " 

- T3 Cpl.   Vinyard

"It is easy to take the things we have today for granted.  I do living history so that we don't forget that the freedoms and luxuries we enjoy today were given to us by patriots who answered the nation's call for help." 

    - Pvt.  Yi 

"I do living history because it is an active way to educate the public while honoring my family and country.

It also provides an opportunity to step back in time with close friends to a golden era of culture, art, music, and technology.

    - Dom     Squicciarini

"I do it to  keep their stories alive, and to honor their memory" 

    - Byron Vinyard

Thank You to Our Generous Supporters

Like any infantry section, we are only as effective as our support element. Thank you to those who help to ensure history is not forgotten. 

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