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The Tri-State Living History Association’s mission is to honor and preserve the stories of the veterans who served the U.S. The TSLHA will achieve this through educating the current and future generations with the most accurate living history representations and events.

History of organization:
The Tri-State Living History Association was developed out of the 506th PIR HQ CO. reenactment group. This unit had, upon great review of the Allied reenacting community, decided that the bar had not been set high enough for authenticity. The 506th decided to create its own association to raise the standards in the living history world. Since its inception nearly four years ago, the TSLHA has worked diligently to improve its impressions and demand overall authenticity from its growing ranks. The TSLHA is also motivated to produce historically accurate World War Two battle reenactments for public education and knowledge. This association was created and exists to accurately portray the soldier of World War Two
and the events in which they engaged.

As we watch our heroes pass on at an alarming rate, we are shouldered with the great responsibility of preserving their memories accurately. Once the last World War Two veteran dies, we will be the sensory stimulus for teaching about the combat soldier in World War Two. Thus, we are extremely committed to doing everything we can to make our impressions absolutely perfect. We do not accept anything short of 100% authenticity. When this is completely accomplished, we will be able to give justice to our veterans and their living relatives when we portray them during our events.

Organizational growth philosophy:
As the TSLHA maintains a strict authenticity code, not every individual who looks to join and participate will be willing or able to uphold these ideals and values. The underlining view of the TSLHA is that it would rather have a small, dedicated group of individuals and units who share and continue the mission. Though it is looking to continue to increase its membership and ranks, quantity does not equate to quality. In no way, shape, or form does the TSLHA look to sacrifice authenticity standards to allow lower degrees of adherence to set guidelines.

Tax-exempt status:
The TSLHA is an authorized 501 (c) 3, tax-exempt organization chartered under Federal tax codes and laws. In order to maintain this status, the Treasurer of the TSLHA files annual reports to maintain legality and transparency of organizational and unit dollars.

Thank You to Our Generous Supporters

Like any infantry section, we are only as effective as our support element. Thank you to those who help to ensure history is not forgotten. 

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