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Order of Battle:


34th Infantry Division
Mediterranean Theater of Operations, WWII

  • 34th Division Headquarters and Headquarters Company

  • 133rd Infantry Regiment

  • 135th Infantry Regiment

  • 168th Infantry Regiment

    • 168th Commandos

  • 100th Infantry Battalion (9 Sep 43 - 31 Mar 44)

  • 442nd Regimental Combat Team (12 Jun 44 - 10 Aug 44)

  • 34th Division Artillery, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery

    • 125th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)

    • 151st Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)

    • 175th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)

    • 185th Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)

  • 34th Military Police Company

  • 34th Quartermaster Company

  • 34th Reconnaisance Troop (Mechanized)

  • 34th Signal Company

  • 109th Engineer (Combat) Battalion

  • 109th Medical Battalion

  • 734th Ordnance (Light Maintenance) Company

Thank You to Our Generous Supporters

Like any infantry section, we are only as effective as our support element. Thank you to those who help to ensure history is not forgotten. 

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