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WWII Field Kitchen Overview

The GI Field Kitchen during WWII was part of the Company HQ, designed to serve 150-180 men. They intended to serve 2 hot meals per day: Breakfast & Supper, with Dinner (Lunch) as a combat ration. They were equipped with stoves, water heaters and mermite cans to deliver the hot food to the troops. While sound in theory, often times, in reality, the kitchens had to make do with less equipment and were forced to adapt to the situations in which they were forced to operate. Despite this, mess staff did their best to keep the fighting man's body and morale fed.

WWII Yellow MKII Hand Grenades

The MKII "Pineapple" grenade was the standard issue US grenade during WWII. Intended as a fragmentation weapon, the effective range was 30 yards. Initially, they were painted bright yellow to mark them as high explosive. Ordinance personnel sprayed them OD in the field when time and resources were available. Yellow grenades were seen up until the Normandy invasion in June 1944, but were shortly thereafter phased out for factory painted OD grenades. Field manual protocol for throwing the MKII covers the standing, kneeling, prone to kneeling and prone positions. These are practiced in training, but throwing methods varied in actual combat.

Thank You to Our Generous Supporters

Like any infantry section, we are only as effective as our support element. Thank you to those who help to ensure history is not forgotten. 

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